Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Ryno Rhinoceros

Say hello to my latest addition!

He has been about a month in the making from conception to photo shoot.  I've written the pattern for him, but haven't typed it up yet and made it all pretty with photo's and what not.

I'm very new to pattern writing so I tend to write it as I'm hooking it to make sure it works.  However if someone would like to test the pattern for me I'd really appreciate it!  Anyway enough of my inane drivel, may I present to you Ryno Rhinoceros!!!

Love him or hate him, it would totally rock my socks (if I were wearing any) to have some feedback!


  1. OMG! what a great looking amigurumi rhinoceros .. the rhino should be on an endangered amigurumi species list .. and a free pattern for one is even more endangered .. I think a pattern would be great .. Thank you ..

    1. Cheers! I sell the pattern for this little cutie through my Etsy store :)


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