Monday, 5 November 2012

Whale of a time

This little guy is my cars' mascot, he's jammed up against the windscreen to keep an eye on what's coming toward me.  He is still one of my favourite ami's that I ever made.  Again, he was pretty simple, all single crochet and slip stitches.  His design can be found here. The link will take you to a pattern for an Orca but I changed the colours and didn't do the cheek patches.


Dish scrubbies! Again it's Japanese like amigurumi. This one was soooo simple and a good way to learn how to increase stitches.  I made two yellow circles, 2 white circles and 2 blue circles for the eyes, sewed them onto one yellow circle then whip stitched the 2 yellow circles together.  My partner's mum has a fascination for smiley faces so this one went to her. It was subsequently nicked out of her car when she did the Variety Bash earlier this year.  I'm not sure if I should laugh or cry!  Of all the things that could get stolen, this was it!

Hooot HOOOOT!!

Little owls. I actually made the first few for my fabulous mum and sent them to her.  She has a bit of an owl fascination.

These critters were made from this pattern.  It was my first experience doing a stitch other than a single crochet into a single crochet. The base of these owls  requires that you single crochet into the back loop only (BLO).  It confused the hell out of me until I worked out that I just had to put the hook through one loop of the single crochet.  I think I even had to look it up.


This divine little bee was the very first ami that I sold. Such a proud moment!!  The pattern for this little guy can be found here.  It's quite a simple project.  Instead on doing the 6 single crochet in the 1st stitch I did a Magic Ring.  This method is used a lot in amigurumi and eliminates the little hole that can occur when doing it the other way.