Saturday, 27 October 2012

Baby Monsters

After finishing Joggle, I really began to crochet in earnest.  Baby monsters came next.  The pattern for these cutie pie's can be found here.  It has awesome step-by-step instructions.


Joggle is the very first amigurumi that I made.  Ever.  It took me all day.  There was much huffing and throwing of yarn and the hook in frustration when I didn't get things right.  In the end I was so proud of what I made...and he's inside out.  But ever so cute!!

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Hi there!

It's fantastic to see you here!  I've not been crocheting for long but I'm hooked (get it? get it?).

There will be lots of updates over the next few days.  Pic's of my creations, links, patterns and all that stuff and hopefully a little store.  Most of the things I make come from free patterns but some are free-form and somehow make it from out of my head and onto my hook.

See you again soon!