Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Rainbows and other pretty's

Turns out I like rainbows.  Well, who doesn't right?  What I mean is that I like the colour graduation and frankly, I just like lots of colour so these gorgeous iPhone covers are the latest things to fall off my hook.  I like them so much I'm going to make one for myself.  The ones you see here are for sale through my Etsy store if you want to pick one up! (After 7pm AEST 23/1/13)

They suit iPhone's 3 and 4 that don't have a case on them.  I have a screen protector on mine (iPhone 4) and use a cosy to keep my phone safe from dings and whatnot.  I will be making some slightly larger cosy's to accommodate a case as well in the near future.

I couldn't find a star pattern that quite suited my needs so I wrote a very simple one.   The flower was an unfinished project from something else, but I like how it looked with the cosy so it all of a sudden went from and unfinished object (UFO) to a finished one.

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