Sunday, 13 January 2013

Blah blah blah

It's been insufferably hot here lately.  Yesterday we reached 47.5°C.  That is not cool.  Not cool at all.  Our poor air conditioner has been working overtime to keep us at a reasonable temperature.

I suffer from cranial flatulence at the best of times and with this crazy heat, my brain has just packed up and headed off for cooler climes.  I wish it would take my body with it!  I've been all over the place trying to get my online store set up and fiddling with my patterns, few though they may be, to get ready for the grand opening.  I built a light tent so I can take a half decent shot for the patterns and finished pieces for sale.  Along with all that I'm madly trying to get my newest pieces finished so I can add them to the store as well.

I must say, I'm very pleased with the light tent and it will only take a little more tweaking before I can leave it alone to serve it's purpose.

Today I'm giving myself a break and making something from the fabulous June Gilbank of Planet June's collection of critters.  Pic's will be up when it's finished!

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