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Hey there, I'm Shona.  The chick behind, in front of and to the side of Shonamigurumi!

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(you have no idea how long it took to take this picture!)

So....a little about me.  I'm a keen gamer, I have 2 PS3's, a PS2, a PSX and a Nintendo Wii.  I prefer RPG games but I'll give anything a go except for driving/racing games.  I just find them really tedious and boring.

When it's not stinking hot, I like to get out in the garden.  The summer here is pretty killer, usually over 40°C through Decmeber.  When that happens, I just hang out inside, praying that my plants can make it through another baking hot day.  The winters are pretty chilly here too, no snow, we are too far north for that,  but the frosts are wicked and knock the plants about too.  We have a small fireplace in the house so I won't be cold!

I like to go fishing with my beloved, and pretty much just hangout with him doing anything.  His job can get pretty stressful so sometimes we just chill out at home, drinking wine, eating cheese and enjoying each others' company.  I love him more that crochet. Yep, that much.

I'm also an avid reader. One of our bookshelves at home is leaning from all the books it has in it.  I love Aussie authors but my all time favourite has to be Terry Pratchett.

Got a question or comment?  I'd love to hear it!

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