Tuesday, 8 January 2013

New Year, New Beginnings

So it's the time of your where you make resolutions and all that stuff.  I'm not a resolution maker.  I have a terrible time sticking to them, they seem like they are set in stone and I get upset/disappointed/angry when they don't happen for whatever reason so I gave myself permission to stop doing it :)

Instead, I think I what I would like to accomplish in the upcoming year and then if they happen, I'm really pleased/proud.  If they don't, it just wasn't meant to be for now.

So here are some of the important things I would like to accomplish in 2013:

  • Open an online store
  • Relearn how to knit
  • Find a job that I actually like doing with nice people
  • Write more amigurumi patterns
  • Find a white wine I really like
It's a fairly simple list and I think achievable.  There are of course other things on the list but I'm pretty sure you lovely people visit my blog for my patterns and pictures, not to listen to me whinge about the 5kg I want to lose or the depression that haunts me.

What do you guys have in mind for 2013?

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