Wednesday, 19 December 2012


I love wine and I have recently moved to the Hunter Valley in NSW.  About a 15 minute drive from home are some of the best wineries that Australia has to offer.  Can't believe my luck!

My tipple of choice to the moment is Branrock Station Frizzante.  Small bubbles, sweet but not too sweet and low alcohol.  Just so drinkable.

I tried a McGuigan's Moscato the other night.  Very tasty but with a bit more punch than the Frizzante.  After one glass I was feeling it!  Or maybe that was the lack of food throughout the day...

My favourite white wine has to be Margan's Frizzante.  Introduced to me by a fabulous chick, this stuff is to die for.  I've only started drinking whites this year (I've been drinking red for years) and what an introduction to white this was!

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