Thursday, 6 December 2012

Amigurumi Essentials

The Ami supplies that come with me, whenever I leave the house (you never know when you'll have time to crochet!)

  • Hook
  • Yarn
  • Scissors
  • Bobby pin for a stitch marker

I carry my travelling crochet in a Harry Potter book bag.  Sometimes I think there is no hope for me at all =)

My stock of amigurumi supplies is always growing and now takes up 2 storage boxes.  I can never have enough yarn.  Ever.

I have a variety of hooks from 2.00mm up to 5.00mm.  My all time fave is 3.5mm.  I have a few issues with an old injury so I wrap my hooks with fabric to make them fatter to hold and so avoid cramps and sore hands.

I usually make amigurumi's so I find using acrylic works well, it holds it's shape and is machine washable.  The downside is that some acrylics are truly awful to hook with.  They squeak, they grip when you don't want them to, they aren't joined properly some are just tied with a knot in the skein.  That said, I have made many things that I really like with acrylic and will continue to use the cheap stuff until the budget will allow for cotton.  

They other supplies I have are a measuring tape, felt, safety eyes, googly eyes, Helmer glue (it's machine washable), beads and a round chopstick and I can tell you, the list goes on.

The chopstick made it's way into my ami supplies as I needed something to bore out the hole in some safety eyes I'd bought off eBay. The backing hole was too small to fit onto the eye and after trying several things around the house including pliers and a screw, I rememebered the chopsticks in the drawer that we don't like to use because they are too slippery for picking up food.  Turns out they are perfect for boring out the eye backing and stuffing fibrefill into small ami pieces!

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