Monday, 25 February 2013

Rainbow Ripple Rug

This is, without doubt, the longest running project I've had and it has been an absolute joy to work on. Part of me couldn't wait for it to be finished but at the same time, I didn't want it to be over.

I can't quite believe I made it, sometimes I will just stop, spread it out and admire the pretty colours. I wish I'd made it a little wider but my partner suggested that I do a large border to make it the width I want.  This rug was only meant to be a square, as something that protected the lounge from my tootsies.  We have an L-shaped lounge that is awesome for gaming that my brother gave us when we moved house.  Guess where I sit?


As you can see the rug grew into something much bigger than a square and I'm a bit in love with it!

The basis for this rug came from Lucy at Attic 24. Her blog is a riot of colour and I find it a soothing place to spend time ogling the colours and her enthusiasm for all things hooky.  There is a sense of love from her blog, she really invites you in *shrug* I can't really explain it.

I ran out of yarn when I only had one block of 7 ripples to go and the red is not the same shade as the one that has been used for the majority of the blanket.  This annoys me.  Lesson learned: make sure you buy enough yarn from the same dye lot!  Not to worry, this blanket is for me and won't be for sale.  The border gave me a bit of grief but I think for a first attempt at a blanket, I did pretty dang good!  The difference between border and no border is amazing, it looks so much better with one I think.

Blocking this sucker was...interesting as I don't have a floor space large enough that can be protected from my doggy's fur and feet.  I chucked it in the machine with some other washing to make it easier to block and get rid of the slightly chemical smell that the yarn had.  Necessity is the mother of invention since I don't have a blocking board so I got some extra large towels and put them outside in the sun on the front deck and pinned the blanket to them.  It wasn't perfect by a long shot but it did the job well enough.  I think for the next blanket I make, I'll get some styrofoam to stab the pins into.  One layer of towels is a bit tenuous!  Since it was a pretty warm day yesterday, it didn't take long to dry and I think the heat actually killed the acrylic a little and now the blanket has a lovely drape.

I do believe that is enough banging on so without further ado, photo's!

Much chocolate was consumed in the making of this rug.

This is post-blocking.  Looks much better!

The last two pics show my favourite spot in our back yard under a big Camphor Laurel tree.  I sit out there quite a bit and crochet, drink too much wine and plot my woolly world domination.

I'd love some feedback lovelies!

P.S. For my fellow hookers, I used a 5mm hook and 8ply DK acrylic yarn.


  1. WOOOOWWW!! Every time I see this blanket I love it more. So much work and it looks amazing. I love the border and thanks for the tips on blocking something so big. You have inspired me to keep going with mine. Lovely pics too :)

    1. Thanks honey! The towels weren't ideal by far but the heat made it dry pretty quickly. Yours will be finished before you know it!

  2. I congratulate you. I'm truly amazed when I see something like this, especially when you know how many hours go into making it - I love to crochet but just don't have the patience for something as large as this. Well done.

    1. Thank you so much! I started this blanket in August 2012 and brought it out whenever I didn't know what to make next. Patience in not my forte either but this wasn't a project that I wanted to finish quickly until I got close to the end and then it was game on :) I actually wanted a project that I could pick up and put down when ever I felt like it.


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