Saturday, 2 February 2013

My Creative Process

An enormous amount of work goes in to creating something new and getting it out into the world.  I have a folder that has a graph book and note paper in it for my pattern writing ideas and designs.  The graph paper is useful for giving me an idea on where to start increasing and decreasing. I tend to write a pattern as I'm hooking it and as a result, it ends up being several pages long and notes all over the place.  It would be seriously confusing if someone else were to look at it!

My amigurumi folder with note paper and graph book.

It takes me about a month from inception to finished product.  During this time I draw, erase, draw, erase, draw, erase, choose colours, change my mind, change it back again then start hooking, writing and taking photo's.  Sometimes while I'm making it, I have to frog it because it just isn't turning out the way I want it to.  This isn't a bad thing, it's just frustrating.  I wish I could get it right first time!  There's lots of crossing out of notes and scribbles all over the place and usually a fair bit of cursing and happiness, sometimes in the same breath!

Pattern writing progress, looks like a mess!

After I finish stuffing and sewing, it's photo shoot time!  I have a light tent that I made myself for taking pic's (there will be post about that in the next few days).  The photography can be really time consuming.  Using my trusty iPhone 4, I take several shots of the piece from different angles, do close ups and change the pose.  The light also gets shifted around and sometimes moving the piece only a centimetre or two can really make the difference between an okay shot and great one. I might take 30 photo's of a piece and use only a couple.

DIY light tent

When I'm done with taking photo's, I transfer them to my computer and use Picasa 3 to edit the ones I want to use.  I've found that since I've started using the light tent, my photo quality has really improved and I don't need to do nearly as much editing as I did when I was using a sheet as the backdrop.  More on that in the upcoming photography post!

Typing up the pattern comes next, some I sell, others are free.  I use the Open Office suite instead of Microsoft because I am cheap (frugal?).  It's free and word documents can easily be converted to a .PDF.  I like to use PDF's for my patterns online as I can protect the document so it can't be changed or the images copied.  The typing generally doesn't take too long, I add photo's that I have taken during the creating so that  whoever is reading the pattern, has pictures to refer to and it gives them an idea of what it should look like.

After all that is done, the uploading begins!  Pictures of items and patterns that are for sale go on Etsy and Facebook, free patterns go on my blog and Ravelry and the photo's get uploaded to Facebook, Ravelry and right here on my blog.  Sometimes I add them to my Flickr account too but I usually forget  >_<

So there you have it, a run down of how I go about making new stuff and getting it out there.  One of these days I'll get much more organised about getting it all to happen in one hit rather than all over the place.

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